In celebration of the solstice I (re)read "Midsommar", the poem I wrote about the film Midsommar while watching the film Midsommar for Psycho Holosuite back in like February of 2023. Thanks to Oli Johns for asking me to write this beautiful weird thing.

The version I read in the video is the Wheel of Fortune cut by which I mean I cut/revised parts of the original piece to jam it into my book-length poem Wheel of Fortune. You can read other parts of Wheel of Fortune this month over at A Dozen Nothing. If you want to read the original "Midsommar" unjammed/uncut, you can do that here. I also read the original version for last year's solstice while pulling apart white roses. 

For the love of repetition, I'm still pulling apart roses. For the love of time, this time they're blush colored.