An essay about the time I spent in and around Marathon, TX as part of a residency in April 2023 (gigantic thanks to Writing By Writers) appears in the Spring 2024 issue of Cenizo Journal. Fragments of my book-length poem Wheel of Fortune, are interspersed throughout the essay, which you can READ HERE. Thanks to editor Cole Altom for asking me to write it and for giving it a title when I forgot to do that. Did the last email Cole sent me simply say BRING YA ASS? Absolutely. Thanks also to Tom Lehr for mailing me paper copies of the journal and for taking + posting photos of this desert I miss. Shout out to Amanda Holstien of Mother Mary's Spiritual Goods who appears in the piece and whose guidance has been deeply helpful to me multiple times. I was only in the desert for two weeks and I met so many wonderful people, people who give great advice and great hugs. Like yes, a part of me lives there at all times, is going back, insists on living there for real. If you ask nicely, maybe I'll tell you about the portal I fell into outside that ghost town. I can't read you the poem I left on the milemarker because I don't remember exactly what it contained. But it was there, wrapped around a fortune, tied by thread, and, eventually, it was retrieved.