Here's your first look at the epistles from The Book of Matthew: "Dear Matthew, [I'll have you know you ruined my Thursday...]" in the new issue of Concision. READ IT HERE. Heartfelt thanks to editor Haley Lasché for publishing it. There are several more of these Matthew epistles forthcoming in various journals for monnntttthhhhhsss into the future, so brace yourself. Like, yes they were excruciating to write. They're at least half Jack Spicer's fault and maybe 25% Rilke's fault. Again, with apologies to every Matthew I've ever known. This photograph has nothing whatsoever to do with the poem. Sometimes I just need a picture, and look, there one is. I think I took this in the women's restroom before reading at the Solar Arts Building at Art-A-Whirl in May 2022.