Ecstatic to have 2 poems from what'll be book 3, The Book of Matthew, in the latest issue of mercury firs. READ THE POEMS HERE. It's a stunner of an issue, so be sure to read it from cover to internet cover. Thanks to editor Ian Lockaby for including these magic poems in issue 4. The opera singer referred to in "Amanuensis" is pictured to the left. I wrote that poem in Angie Mazakis's dining room in August 2022. In August 2023 I (re)located my archive and found I'd cut out and pasted this picture from the opera program into the back of the notebook I used from 2005-2007-ish. I saw this version of Mefistofele at the now defunct Theatre de la Jeune Lune in Minneapolis in like 2004? I'm still thinking about it 20 years later. If you ask me very nicely, I'll send you a link to the aria I was listening to in Angie's dining room while I wrote the poem.