My poem "Mirror Ball I" appears in issue 1 of Grotto. My sincere thanks to editors P.J. Lombardo + Maxwell Rabb and huge congrats on the first issue, which is excellent. Go check it out + send them some work for the next one. This poem is based on a dream. I've written a second poem called "Mirror Ball II" that is also based on a dream. Fun Fact: originally, Mirror Ball I was called Mirror Ball II and vice versa, because the "Mirror Ball II" dream, in fact, occurred and was written first. I swapped them when I put them into the manuscript they live in because Mirror Ball I, the original, needs to follow Mirror Ball II, the original, in the manuscript. Are you confused yet? Another Fun Fact: I had no idea Taylor Swift has a song called "Mirror Ball" when I titled these poems; they are, in fact, called "Mirror Ball" because of this particular scene from the film A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.