The 15th floor is occupied. I'm incredulous + grateful to have 3 poems in the newest APARTMENT: "Then Betelgeuse Reappears," "Suspension Bridge," and "Shade Trees." Visit them in 15F. My thanks to editors Mike Walsh, Jack Snyder, and Bryan Koen for including these poems in their completely rad journal and to Marietta Pesotini and Elizabeth Barsotti for the lovely as ever floor plan. These poems were written around the time my chronic dry eye was correctly diagnosed--shout outs to Dr. Josh the optometrist and Mike the pharmacist, who make guest appearances in the poems. Did you know I wash my eyes with a special eye foam every night? I wash my eyes with a special eye foam every night. Now that the text is out, I'll finally post the video version of "Then Betelgeuse Reappears" on YouTube for anyone who missed it at the 2021 Midwest Video Poetry Fest, so watch for that later this week.