RELENTLESS is live now at Experience it here. Happy May Day.

An endless poem self-forming. Screaming into the void as it visage quivers through unstable anatomies.


The text [ body ] is relentless. The text [ body ] is an animal that desires survival. The text [ body] is fierce and oppressive. The text [ body ] is continuous; it perseveres. Where are your blank spaces? With what do you fill them? Where is the mother of your body? Is the goddess of your variables a black hole like mine? The universe is infinite with permutations. Re-string the harps and loop the cups so they never empty.


Written by Danika Stegeman LeMay

Designed and Published by CLOAK. 

Immense thanks to Mike Corrao for helping make this poem that wasn't quite working the way I wanted into this living, breathing, infinitely iterating thing.